Maithú are pleased to announce that we have just finished developing the NewsWhip iOS app which was officially launched on the 11th of January. It already has a fantastic 5 star rating. It even made the Techcrunch “Hot Topics”blog. Why not read the full article Here

This app is not like any ordinary news app, a lot of news apps claim to be your best source of up to date information from around the world, but most of these apps only offer staff-picked stories, this means you only have their opinion on what the best news stories are. NewsWhip has changed that! Their new iOS app can supply you with the latest news, which has been hand picked by millions of people through the likes of Facebook and Twitter. The app takes notes of what articles and stories are most popular in users news feeds and analyses the stories by their popularity. This allows you to follow up to date and currently trending news from all around the globe.

Download the app today and give it a try:

Check out the promotional video here: