While we have been working on a lot of mobile app projects lately we have also been keeping busy working on a few really interesting web based projects. Most notably we have developed a Stock Image Licensing Engine (SILE) for award winning photographer Gareth McCormack. Maithu IT Solutions have just completed work on a new website for Irish landscape photographer Gareth McCormack. This is one of the first independent photographer websites to feature fully automated Rights Managed image licensing. Until recently this complex online service has been the preserve of major commercial image agencies such as Getty Images and Corbis, or has been supplied and hosted on a template system by third party servicers such as Photoshelter. Over recent years photographers who contribute their work to agencies in return for a commission on sales, have seen the conditions of their contracts worsen as the agencies have reduced the percentage of sales returned to the photographer from traditional rates of 50% to as low as 15%. Even services such a Photoshelter take a 10% cut despite an annual fee for their services and no marketing efforts. Maithu’s work on Gareth’s site is a major step towards enabling photographers to take back control of the sales of their images. “Until now clients who came to me directly have had to contact me, negotiate a licence and then wait for me to send them the image file manually. Market research shows that the majority of image buyers generally won’t enter into this process – they want automated licensing and downloads. I was looking at Photoshelter as a means of providing that but was put off by the lack of customisation and the fear of what would happen to my business if they folded. Maithu were able to offer a custom solution at a price that made sense." The site was built on the Django framework using jquery extensively and LFS for the e-commerce functionality. The media matrix used to create the licence generator was based on the PLUS system, designed by a coalition of media industry leaders with the aim of establishing a global standard for the management of image rights. See the site at http://www.garethmccormack.com If your company is looking for creative technical solutions contact us here at info @maithu.com