Maithú have been working closely with Samsung Ireland to deliver mobile phone content for its recently launched BADA App store. Thousands of Samsung phone users have already accessed our 'Irish Times Breaking News', 'Frása an lae' and 'Gaelfón' apps. The app's have been featured on Samsungs recent national advertising campaign for its new WAVE phone which can be seen on the accompanying picture. Phone users can now browse and read all the breaking stories from the Irish times online edition via a simple app which sits on the home screen of the phone. View on the app store The 'Gaelfón' app is an Irish translation application which can also be found on other Samsung handsets. The version of the application used on the BADA app store has been improved to include pronunciations from, online translations from the full O'Donall dictionary, and google translate websites. View on the app store The 'Frása an Lae' app contains a common Irish saying for each day of the year and was developed with voice over help from Colm O'Snodaigh of Kíla and contains 365 Irish phrases, translations and sound files. View on the app store If you have any feedback or suggestions for improving the apps then feel free to get in contact with us at our email address: