The great and the good from the Irish business world, including local entrepreneurs and representatives from top multi-national companies were in attendance at the Mansion House last Friday, for the Barr 50 le Gaeilge Business Awards. Awards were presented to 50 companies for successfully promoting the Irish language in their respective sectors and seven special achievement awards were presented to companies operating in a wide spectrum of business from technology to the arts, communications, sales and the public sector. Maithú, a information technology company won the prestigious Gnó Gaeilge na Bliana Award for best Irish language business. The company produces software for mobile devices and computers and is also involved in website development. The company, which is going from strength to strength, has contracts with some of the major telecoms companies, including Samsung and recently developed the Gaelfón software which is available on Samsung mobile phones in Ireland. The above extracts was taken from the linked Gaelport Article on the Awards Further coverage: Castlebar News Gaelsceal It was a good week for Maithu as they also received 2nd place in the Offaly Business awards held in Tullamore on Wednesday the 12th of May.