What's the Irish for "handy"? Find out in seconds with Get the Focal, now available on your iPhone or iPod Touch. A two way database of English / Irish translations, 'Get the Focal' lives in your pocket, ready when you need it. With 13,000 words, terms and pronunciations ready to use, this is the most comprehensive and accurate Irish translation device available on the iPhone. The application also allows users to listen to a sound file of how it should be correctly pronounced, perfect for learners. The application translates instantly without the need to connect to the internet. It is quick and accurate, can be used for completing that Irish assignment, reading articles as Gaeilge, or filling in a 'cúpla focal' here and there. Or if your looking for something completely random just shake the phone and see what appears. According to CEO, Kerrill Thornhill "Its great to finally have our first application approved and available on the iPhone App Store. We will be releasing other applications with great content over the coming months, including the full O'Domhnaill dictionary and an Irish phrasebook. There is a real boom in the usage of mobile phone applications, with app stores from Google Android, Windows mobile, Nokia's Ovi store and the Samsung app store promising to bring applications to a much larger audience in future” Maithu will be releasing their applications on other phone markets in the coming months so even if you do not have an iPhone you will still get the chance to try them out. Our database of translations has been developed over a number of years and has been approved by the Irish language body Foras na Gaeilge. The original 'Get the Focal' can be installed on most mobile handsets by texting the word 'focal' to 53503 and downloading it via the return wap link. The Irish language news program 'Nuacht' ran a news story on the application which can be viewed Here You can find a link to download the application here: http://www.getthefocal.com/get_it/iphone/