Molloys Lifestyle Pharmacies are a dynamic health group based in the West of Ireland, they have been working closely with maithu for the last few months to develop a new website and on-line store with full e-commerce capability. Check it out at the following address: . If anyone reading this is interested in developing an on-line presence for their company please send us a message on the contact us page. About Molloys When one thinks of pharmacy, it’s usually to do with dispensing medicines and giving advice to patients. We at Molloys believe that we do that and more, our motto is “retailers in health”. We believe that pharmacy can play a greater role in health. One of the key areas we are keen to promote is our health food store where we stock a wide variety of herbal and complementary medicine. All our key staff are highly trained. By combining the knowledge of our pharmacists with that of our health staff our advice helps patients become nutritionally strong during illness which helps in recovery and promoting awareness about health. A key aspect about Molloys is its passion for health and lifestyle. Our sports department covers the casual jogger to the elite athlete. We deal in carbohydrate loading, protein recovery and electrolyte rebalancing to keep an athlete in top shape. Services we offer * Blood pressure testing * Cholestorel testing * Pharmacist consultations * Blister packing * Nutritional review * Sports nutrition * Weight reduction clinics * Ostomy service * Stocking fitting service