Maithú, a west of Ireland based IT company and Foras na Gaeilge today launched ‘Get the Focal’, a mobile phone application which provides over 12,000 English-Irish translations for off-line use. By texting ‘Focal’ to 53503 (ROI, €0.30 inc. VAT) or 83222 (UK, £0.25 inc. VAT), ‘Get the Focal’, is available for a trial, free of charge with access to half of the dictionary. The complete dictionary with 12,000 translations can be fully downloaded for as little as €5 including VAT, which will be billed to your mobile phone. ‘Get the Focal’ can be accessed from your mobile phone fast and free at any time with no internet usage. It is simple to use , with no operator charges and can function on all mobile phones. More details are available on the Get the Focal Website. Speaking at the launch, Cearbhall Ó Droighneain, CEO, Maithú said, “ We developed the service in response to a direct need for help in learning the Irish language in real life situations. ‘Get the Focal’ is ideal for Irish language students, parents, teachers, civil servants or indeed anyone interested in the Irish language. “Over the last number of years we have seen increased interest in the Irish language and we believe that ‘Get the Focal’ will assist people whether it is through their journey of learning the language or simple conversations where we ask ‘what is the Irish word for ... ?’. “We want to thank Foras na Gaeilge and CÉIM for their support with ‘Get the Focal’. Their expertise and support has enabled us to develop a unique Irish language service which can benefit many people,” concluded Cearbhall Ó Droighneain. Speaking on behalf of Foras na Gaeilge, Gearóid Trimble said, “ The Irish language is becoming increasingly visible in all aspects of life and this service offers 12,000 Irish words at your fingertips. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Maithú.”